Plug that Plumber

You there, Troopa! Come here, I have new orders for you!

I have invited the Pink Princess for a lovely dinner. She had no means of transport, so being the gentleman I am, I arranged for the Princess to be brought here.

Now there is this Portly Plumber who erroneously surmised the Princess is here against her will. And he insists on trampling through our territories to "rescue" her. And to make things worse, he's bringing his Bungling Brother along.

Teach those irritating Italians a lesson. Turn our gardens into their graves. Build your terrifying towers, and Plug that Plumber!

How to play

Keep the plumbers from reaching the castle. Build towers to divert them and shoot them down.

However, if you block them completely, they will attack your towers.

Press Play in the top right corner.

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